September 6, 2016

Krita Gets New 3.0.1 Release, Boasts Many New Features And Bug Fixes

Les Miserable - Tago, Taken from the Krita Gallery
Les Miserable - Tago, Taken from the Krita Gallery

Krita, the cross-platform, open source software for concept artists, digital painters, and illustrators from the KDE Community, has announced a release today that contains an impressive list of new features and bug-fixes. So much so, that the 3.0.1 nomenclature is a bit misleading.

As a result of many contributions from long-standing Krita devs, new devs, and Google Summer of Code projects that recently have completed, the new feature list is a notable one.  They include:

Tweak Brush settings in the pop-up palette

- Tweak your brush without having to go into the brush editor.

Soft Proofing

- See how your artwork will look like when converting to CMYK.

Improved Mirror Tools

- Additional options for the mirror tools. Lock the position so you don’t accidentally move it. Hide the line so it doesn’t get in the way while painting. Move to center if you accidentally move it while painting.

Threshold and Wavelet Decompose Added

- Added a Threshold filter and a Wavelet Decompose plugin.

Quick Flip and Rotate buttons

- Quickly flip or rotate your layers and selections with the free transform tool. No more -100% width transformations. Buttons exist for flipping vertical or horizontal, rotating clock wise or counter clock wise rotate.

Improved Dockers

- We moved the Histogram area from the layers menu into its own Histogram docker so it always can stay on the screen. Greatly improved the visual quality of the overview docker so it looks better. The channels docker now shows thumbnails as well. There are many, many more features, along with an impressive list of bug fixes listed on the Release Announcement, so head of there to get the latest info and media and other goodies.


As for installing, as of this writing there are no updated packages yet for Neon, Kubuntu, and friends yet (the latest release in Xenial is 2.9.7 and looking at the Krita Fresh PPA is appears to also be in the 2.9 series). Patient peeps can wait for the new version to trickle in in time. However for those who can not wait, head over to Krita's download page whereby you can either grab the source, or download via an appimage file that is said to be viable on any 'Buntu-based distribution.