August 19, 2016

Now We've Gone And Done It - Name Change and a Random K Has Happened!

A little while ago, I asked for some ideas on a name change for the site:

"And this is where you all come in. Over the next several weeks, we will be moving to the new domain. We will be giving this site a make-over. We will also be posting everything here and the social media channels mentioned above will all link back to here. We can call it "taking back control of our content" for those of you who might need a justification for our doing so.

What we're looking for is a new name for our site and our brand. In short, The Blue Mint sounds too much like Linux Mint or perhaps a foodie blog, or  something likewise not even Linux related at all. Now, I have nothing against Linux Mint, it's a fine distribution. But this outlet is all about three main things:

  • Kubuntu
  • KDE
  • Project Neon 
In keeping with that goal, simply put, we need a new name. So we're asking you to comment here or on Twitter with a name you think would best fit who we are and what our target market is.

Suggestions so far have included Konqi, Knews, newsK, and Ikon, among others. I'm inclined to like Ikon, or even IKON (all caps), since the K should be capitalized and I don't want a lowercase "i" there because, well, we're not Apple ;)" - Link
Some kind community members chimed in and we received some great feedback!

Name our brand comments
In the end, and much to the dismay of some community peeps, we just couldn't get away from the "K". It's too hard! I mean, if we are going to do a website that espouses the virtues of Kubuntu, KDE, Project Neon, and friends, it seemed like a name with a "K" in it was inevitable. The first real candidate was 'iKon', as suggested by a reader. Then it went to IKON, since a lowercase "i" seemed to imply we were mimicking a certain computer brand who's logo is a piece of fruit, and the 'K' seemed like it needed to be capitalized as well...

But, at the last minute, and in a completely authoritarian move, the decision was made to rename our humble little site something completely different: K * Digest. It works, it fits, it's familiar. Even though we heard from a few people to please not go the "K" route, any other naming scheme just didn't seem to work. 

Riddell pleads his case

You see, if we didn't use some kind of "K"-thingy, how would people conclude who we are and what we're about? That's the very issue that prompted the name change to begin with, as 'Blue Mint Linux' probably came off to most people as if we were some type of Linux distro, which we certainly are not.

So please forgive us for the Korny name, and do give us your thoughts on the matter. Not that it will change anything now (do you know how much work it is to change this information on every social media site? It's not fun). 

Although Blue Gears might have worked also...

Hey - It doesn't have a "K"!