August 12, 2016

Looking for a name change and getting back to Blogging

So for a while now, we've been plugging away keeping our faithful followers on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter in the know with all things KDE and Kubuntu-related. This has been going well for the most part. However, we've decided that it's time to go back our roots. Blogging roots that is. Which is to say that we'll be soon moving this blog to a new, dedicated domain again and we'll also be getting back to posting stories here as opposed to the way we've been doing things lately.

The way it's worked the last several months (OK years now - Holy Cow!) is that we've used a social media tool to simultaneously post news to the social media outlets mentioned above. This has meant that nothing has been posted here in...well...a long while. This is about to change.

And this is where you all come in. Over the next several weeks, we will be moving to the new domain. We will be giving this site a make-over. We will also be posting everything here and the social media channels mentioned above will all link back to here. We can call it "taking back control of our content" for those of you who might need a justification for our doing so. What we're looking for is a new name for our site and our brand. In short, The Blue Mint sounds too much like Linux Mint or perhaps a foodie blog, or  something likewise not even Linux related at all. Now, I have nothing against Linux Mint, it's a fine distribution. But this outlet is all about three main things:
  • Kubuntu
  • KDE
  • Project Neon 
In keeping with that goal, simply put, we need a new name. So we're asking you to comment here or on Twitter with a name you think would best fit who we are and what our target market is.

Suggestions so far have included Konqi, Knews, newsK, and Ikon, among others. I'm inclined to like Ikon, or even IKON (all caps), since the K should be capitalized and I don't want a lowercase "i" there because, well, we're not Apple ;)

If you care to help with the discussion, head over to our Google+ page and chime in, or comment here won't you?