September 4, 2013

Kubuntu Gains Increased Viability For Commercial Use Via Support Agreement With Emerge Open

Yesterday it was announced by Kubuntu's own Jonathan Riddell that new commercial support offerings are available to individuals, businesses, and organizations that use and rely on Kubuntu. This is done through a new arrangement between Kubuntu and a new startup based in Europe (they are registered in both England and Whales) to provide support for those needing it. The non-profit organization providing the support services is called Emerge Open, a self-described "not-for-profit who's mission is to provide sustainable funding for Open Source Communities". The service is available to all English speaking organizations throughout the world.

According to Jonathan's blog post, support can be had via "phone, e-mail, Google hangout, Skype, VNC and any other method you like to help diagnose the issue and resolve it for you". More on Emerge Open from their website:

"Emerge Open makes it easier for businesses of all sizes, private or public, to engage with Open Source technology. We offer a range of Recruitment and IT Services. Customers can buy from Emerge Open at a fair price, knowing that their satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.
Our mission is to provide a sustainable source of funding for Open Source Communities. Our profits will be used to support grassroots technological development that is simultaneously a key to innovation, economic growth and equality."
An important thing to note here is that by supporting Emerge Open via a Kubuntu support contract, one is also supporting Kubuntu as well; Since EO is a non-profit, Kubuntu receives income from any contract put in place. As Jonathan put it: "the profits will be going straight back to Kubuntu". This would seem to be a win-win for all involved, and will hopefully provide a sustainable partnership for many years to come, to the greater benefit of all of us who both use and wish to support Kubuntu.

You can read JR's announcement over on his blog post on For more information about Emerge Open, including purchasing support services, you can visit their support page here