September 3, 2013

KDE's Microblogging Client Choqok Now Updated And Improved For Twitter With 1.4 Release

As was recently announced over on the Choqok website, a new version has (finally) emerged, adding support for Twitter's latest API and some bug fixes as well. It's been a long time coming for Choqok to get back to properly doing what it does best - being the best open source microblogging client out there.

Unfortunately, the news isn't all rosy. Due to move to a and subsequent dropping of it's API by, Choqok is unable to support the service at this time. Of course, contributors are always welcome and if someone wanted to they could certainly add this feature back.

Choqok 1.4 showcases a nifty new splash page

Recent developments with Choqok include a new plug-in architecture and, along with it, a new plug-in: BetterNotify. For information on writing plug-ins for Choqok, check out this page. Additional improvements for this release include:

  • Support for Twitter API v1.1 (Thanks to Daniel Kreuter for his effort on it) 
  • “mark timeline as read” menu item added to tabs context menu (Lim Yuen Hoe) 
  • Show “in reply to” in twitter search timelines (Lim Yuen Hoe) 
  • support removed from StatusNet plugin, we still support StatusNet 
  • And some other minor fixes

Users of Kubutnu / Linix Mint / NetrunnerOS can get the latest Choqok build via adding this PPA

Social media is an important part of today's computing needs for both personal and professional use. Given that, it is good to see Choqok continue to improve and lead the way as far as open source options go.