December 7, 2012

Ubuntu Minecraft Installer Script Released

It's the weekend - Time for many Linux users to think about getting some quality gaming time in now that the work week is done. Traditionally, getting Minecraft to install and play nice on Kubuntu and it's kin has been a challenge for some. Java issues and graphics card issues occasionally pop up, not to mention learning the how and where all those files get installed to (hint: in Dolphin, press [alt]+[.] to show hidden files. All Minecraft-related files and folders, including your saved games, are found in .Minecraft).

To help with installing Minecraft in a seamless manner, one contributor has written a fully editable and tweakable bash script to handle the installation, including making sure that you are using the proprietary Sun Java as opposed to OpenJKD, per Mojang's reccomendations. Highlights include:

  • Install Minecraft on Ubuntu and it's derivatives[sp]
  • Install the Vanilla Minecraft Server
  • Apply patches[sp] to fix the black screen issue users experience when attempting to play on Xubuntu
  • Installs Sun-Java not crappy OpenJDK
  • Has a trouble shooting option if your install isn't working
  • It's a free and open source script so you can tweak it to your liking
  • Scripted in bash so you can install on ANY computer running Ubuntu without dealing with dependencies
The script can be downloaded from the original post over at the Minecraft Forum. If you try the installer  let us know how it works in the comments below. What other Minecraft tools / scripts / management apps. have you found to be useful?

Minecraft running on Kubuntu in my personal world 1

Minecraft running on Kubuntu in my personal world 2

Minecraft running on Kubuntu in my personal world 3

Minecraft running on Kubuntu in my personal world 4