December 10, 2012

KDE Plasma Workspace 4.10 To Contain New Theme

Coming in KDE Plasma 4.10 is a new default Air theme, announced by Marty over on his blog. Working with Nuno, the duo has attempted to streamline and simplify the current KDE Plasma theme. This is achieved by removing any superfluous graphical elements from the display.

To quote:
'It's the typical case of a radical redesign, in which everything changed, in order to seem that nothing has changed, just a general feeling of feeling more "right".'
In short, anything graphical that did not have a functional role was removed. The goal being aimed towards making everything "lighter" feeling.
'Plasmoids looks completely flat now, the taskbar has now an element around only the active task, and the shadows of the items are different as well. On a related note, now all the popups will use KWin to draw their shadow, just like the panel. This means better layout and better integration with other windows.'
It was also pointed out that there will be a new default wallpaper upon 4.10's release, although that image has not been released yet.  Version 4.10 of our favorite desktop is due out on January 23, 2013. Those who want to try KDE 4.10 now can do so by installing and testing Kubuntu 13.04 Alpha 1, out now.