July 16, 2012

Keeping Track Of Kickstarter And Crowd-Sourced Games For Linux

Since gaming on Linux is something that is seen to be on the rise as companies and independent developers alike show more attention to our cherished OS, is there any one definitive list keeping track of all the games coming down the development pike for your Kubuntu and Linux enjoyment?

It would seem to be a good thing to have a list where people could review upcoming games at a glance and decide if that particular project is worth supporting and worth following the development cycle.

To date, it seems that the main way people are learning about all of these crowd-sourced games is via blogs or forum posts. It would seem that a central, community-driven and community-maintained wiki would make sense in order to track which games are in what stages for Linux development. For example, the following milestones could be tracked with data culled from the web, Desura's Alpha Funding, individual developer blogs, and sources such as Kickstarter.com itself: 
  • Games that have announced definite Linux support
  • Games that have announced definite Linux support at a certain funding goal
  • Games that have non-definite Linux support (i.e. A Linux port is planned in the future...) <-- As an aside, does this ever happen
  • A follow-up to verify the developers follow-through and commitment to Linux
  • A follow-up announcing all of the available outlets to purchase the game (Ubuntu Software Center, Desura, Steam, publisher-direct, other)
Right now, there are two efforts out there attempting tracking crowd-sourced Linux game  announcements and development. The first is the Linux Games Database who have started tracking Linux games as announced on Kickstarter.com. Secondly, a thread has opened up over at the Ubuntu Forums discussing the same. Both posts have been updated within the last few days, so it looks like there is an aim to keep the content current.

Still,  a wiki or website (I wonder if LinuxGameWatch.com or TuxGamingWatch.com are available...) would seem to make sense here. And make for a good way to get involved in helping to promote Kubuntu and Linux. That's always a good thing, for the time is now for keeping the momentum going regarding gaming on Linux. Frag on, dear Tuxers.