July 13, 2012

Dolphin Update: How You Can Get Involved And Keep The Best File Manager In Linux Rocking

Earlier we published an article along with many other Linux-centric media outlets that covered the fact that the lead developer of Dolphin was stepping down. We also said that the future was bright as an heir-apparent maintainer was named. The maintainer, freininghaus, asked for development help and suggested other ways people could get involved with the project. This is of utmost importance, as certainly a file manager is one of, if not the most important application on a desktop system.

Today came a follow-up article that outlines how one can get involved with development in order to start contributing to Dolphin. In summary:

  • Two patches have already been contributed; One will make the 4.9 release and the other will not
  • There has been triaging of incoming bugs. The article does not say whether these triages are from new contributors or not
  • freininghaus is away the next few weeks but left advice on how to get involved and start helping the project out 

For those wishing to get involved it is suggested to start by helping with incoming bugs. Another way, and the one of most importance in getting acquainted with Dolphin's code base, is to build Dolphin from source. The article has some guidelines for doing this and points to a few good resources to get started.

It should be interesting to see how Dolphin survives, and if it thrives from the renewed interest by people wishing to get involved.Maybe a sign that out of any bad news good things (and perhaps even better things) can come of it. Will it? Time, as always, will tell.

 Referenced article with all the details of how to get involved can be found here.