July 20, 2012

Calligra Suite Upgraded To 2.5 - Release Candidate Available For Kubuntu

Following our previous post about the continuing and rapid development of the Calligra Office Suite, another announcement was made today indicating that the flagship KDE office suite has realized release candidate status. From the announcement:
"Compared to the beta, this new release contains many bug fixes."
 A cursory look through KDE Commit Digest seems to confirm that a number of bug fix patches have been steadily coming through since the beta release. Apparently the team has been very busy indeed.

Installation / Upgrading

If you would like to install the release candidate in Kubuntu 12.04, simply make sure you have the Kubuntu Beta repository (ppa:kubuntu-ppa/beta) installed and activated.  Then install or update the package "calligra" and you're all set! The Calligra package is a meta-package that will install all of the Calligra Suite components: Words, Sheets, Stage, Plan, Krita, Kexi, Karbon, Flow, and Braindump. That's a whole lot of office suite bang for the proverbial buck.

And do provide some feedback as to what you think about Calligra. Is it ready to replace Libre Office in Kubuntu as the default Office Suite?

Calligra Words Word Processor