January 12, 2012

Calligra 2.4 Beta 6 Is Out, Kubuntu Gets PPA

A few days ago it was announced over on the Calligra homepage that a new beta of version 2.4 was reseased to the wild. As you probaly know, Calligra is the full office suite that is part of the KDE applications and community. Calligra was forked from KOffice a little over a year ago, and effectively replaces it.

Consisting of many office and graphics applications (nine in all!) Calligra aims to be a very robust set of applications, wrapped in a unique and customizeable desktop concept. If you need a refresher on Calligra and the applications that make it up, along with screenshots, click here. This beta is a bugfix release and is set to be the second to last before RC1 is finalized. It is currently the 6th beta to be released.

Users of Kubuntu's 11.10 current release, and the upcomming 12.04 LTS release can install Calligra and give it a spin. 12.04 testers can find Calligra in the main Kubuntu repositories, while users of the current 11.10 version can add the following PPA to their software sources:


Which ever version you choose to install Calligra on, simply add the package "calligra", minus the quotes of course.

With Calligra being heavily considered for inclusion into the DVD release of Kubuntu's upcoming long -term support version, any help we as the Kubuntu community can give in testing Calligra out is I'm sure very much appreciated. Along those lines, expect a full review from The Blue Mint in the upcoming days.

If you download Calligra, try it out and let us know what you think!