December 28, 2011

Desura Brings Steam-like Gaming Client To Linux

For those who may not know, Desura is a gaming client similar to Steam, but with a few very important differences. First off, Desura tends to focus on smaller, independent game publishers. They support Alpha / Beta funding and really allow developers and users to connect in a way not easily done before for people running non-Windows OS's. Secondly, there is a native Linux client! Available in both 32 and 64-bit varieties, the Desura client is easy to install. It is contained entirely in your Home directory (or default download location) and is self-updating.

Like it's  Steam counterpart, Desura will also allow you to add games currently in your collection in order to manage and run all of your games from a central location. Also important is the fact that Desura is a DRM-free zone. Recently Desura also announced that they will be looking to possibly Open Source the code (GPL) so the community can also contribute to the evolution of the gaming client.

From the website:
The aim of Desura is to provide gamers with a dependable interface which delivers the content they want to play in the quickest cross-pc way possible. At its heart is a digital distribution application which can serve (and patch) games, mods and addons to its members.

Currently there are approximately 90 (yes, 90!) games listed for Linux on the site. Some are free while most, being Indie games, are reasonably inexpensive. Obviously more games are added all the time. As of today Desura's Linux Gamers community group boasts  around 2,200 members. Note that there  is no requirement to be in a group to use Desura, and the Linux Gamers group is but one of many one can participate in on Desura if they so choose. There are other groups there as well - from Linux-themed to fans of particular games and mods. Some users may be just looking for a few good games without getting involved in a lot of gamer-community type activities. Still, if a sense of "we are not alone!" is what you are looking for, you'll surely find it there.

Overall Desura appears to be a growing community of dedicated individuals, many of whom are running Linux, that is attempting to both fill a void with regard to gaming that has been there a good while now, as well as fostering a developer-friendly environment to allow small independent game publishers an outlet to sell the fruits of their labor.

If you want to give Desura a try, go ahead and download the client. There are a handful of free games as well as demos to try in order to get a feel for the service and the community without spending a dime. If you're on Desura, let me know and drop by and say hi! My Desua username is "dequire".


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