December 29, 2011

As we get ready to wrap up 2011, why not spend a bit of time with some fine folks from the KDE Community? If you have never done so, check out the KDE And The Masters Of The Universe Podcast. I know, I know, another podcast. But hey, this is a KDE All-Star podcast.

In the 2011 wrap-up episode, join Guillermo Amaral, Paul Adams, Lydia Pintscher, and Leo Franchi as they discuss KDE in 2011 as well as the future. It's a unique perspective to learn insights and opinions (positive and negative and all points in-between!) from "behind the scenes" from these predominant KDE members and contributors. You'll also find yourself laughing along the way as, like most in the KDE Community, these guys like to have fun!

Check the podcast out by listening or downloading from here.

What are your high points (or low points) for KDE this past year?