October 22, 2011

Running Android On Your Mobile? You Might Like Amarok2 Remote

I'm betting many of you are like me - You have Amarok playing your new awesome playlist in the background as you merrily work or play away around your humble abode. Then the phone rings or someone comes over or some other momentary distraction forces you to need to pause Amarok. Do you dash to your PC / Laptop / Tablet to hit pause? You don't have to.

Recently I discovered a great application for my new T-Mobile Android phone that I personally am enjoying very much lately: Amarok2 Remote. Developed by a Bavarian chap who's Twitter handle is @hreic, Amarok2 Remote allows you to browse your collection, play playlists, pause and play, adjust the volume, and more.

Amarok2 Remote even shows cover art

Consisting of a small server application and an Android client that is available from the Android Market, everything is quick and easy to set up. The instructions are clear and easily readable. In a few minutes, you'll be controlling your Amarok player from anywhere your WI-FI can reach.

It's completely free (though donations are of course appreciated).

You can get the rest of the scoop from the project's website here.

Rock on.