October 22, 2011

5 Great Places To Find Wallpapers For Your Kubuntu Desktop

Image from http://gezrel.com
We all like them. No I’m not talking about all the friendly characters in Minecraft! I’m talking about what every respectable desktop has had to have since....well...desktops: Wallpapers! And, with KDE’s Activities, hey, you can have as many desktops with different wallpapers as you like. Here’s a collection of cool sites to keep you awash in an ever-growing sea of cool pixelated Kubuntu goodness.

There’s many an awesome wallpaper to be had here - literally thousands. Fractals, photos, free-hand art, you name it. You can browse, comment, download, rate, and share (via the Share This button on the lower left). And hey, if your good at this kind of thing, why not join the community and upload a few of your own?

Ia. Narrowing kde-look.org down to Kubuntu
If you want to keep it real and only fly proper kubuntu art on your desktop, just type “kubuntu” in the search bar on the left-hand side. Once the search screen comes up, you can further narrow the results down to wallpapers as well, including the proper size needed for your display. We did just that, and came up with one we surely think needs to be considered for the default in Kubuntu 12.04: Simply called "circle kubuntu". Awesome!
Lot’s of eye-candy in here! Wallpapers, icons, CD/DVD cases, it’s all there for your perusing. Be sure to comment in a thread if you see something you like!
The Interweb’s premier place for displaying top-end art and graphical design, the Kubuntu section of Deviant Art sets the bar for what aspiring graphic artists aim for. Take a look -you’ll likely be there for a while. For those of you who are tired of photos for wallpapers and prefer something graphical in nature, this is as good as it gets.
Leave it to Google to drop the bomb on the sheer number of wallpapers out there aggregated in one place as only Google can. Many of these are excellent. Note that some are “adult-oriented” and some are more generic Linux wallpapers, but there’s so much here you’re bound to find something that will work with that new color scheme you just installed.
It’s recommended that you filter your results further by selecting “large” as the image size (using the size filter on the left) to ensure the best possible image quality of the image you’re going to download.

V. Wallpapers hand-picked by KDE
Lastly, but not to be overlooked, to get a good collection going you could install the package kde-wallpapers-default using your favorite package manager. By the way, this installed automatically if you have installed the kde-full package in Kubuntu. Topping out in size at just a hair over 45MB, there’s some really nice artwork in here. It is distribution agnostic, so you will not find any Kubuntu-specific artwork here. However unless storage space is at an absolute premium, it’s probably worth the download.

That should get you started on your way to new wallpaper goodness. What sites do you visit to find new and inspiring wallpapers? Let us know in the comments below!