May 25, 2011

In Search Of Enterprise Organizations Utilizing KDE

Dollar SignDoes your business or non-profit use KDE Software somewhere through the technology chain? We are currently looking for for-profit and non-profit companies that utilize KDE in any capacity in order to start to compile a list of who these organizations are, as well as to provide a web portal where resources and information can be aggregated and shared and successes and challenges brought to light.

Ultimately we would like to provide an overall resource for companies throughout the world who are currently using any or all of KDE in all of it’s various forms, as well as for those looking at Open Source options to fulfill their technology needs. If your company, or one you are aware of, currently uses KDE in any form, please let us know. This would include, but may not be limited to:
  • Companies that deploy desktops and / or laptops that have Linux
    or Unix-type operating systems that run one of the KDE Workspaces (Plasma Desktop, Plasma Netbook)
    • Kubuntu, openSuse, Fedora, etc.
  • Companies that use KDE Applications
    • KOffice / Calligra, KMyMoney, Kontact, etc.
  • Technology companies that sell and or support products and services that use any of the above

If you are aware of any companies out there, let us know in the comments or contact us directly via our contact link. Please remember, the more information we can get, the better. But even just some basic information would be a great start! Ultimately, the information collected will go towards a new version of this rather very outdated website.

Help us get a true gauge on where KDE is today in the business landscape, and we will be there today and will hopefully in the future be a catalyst for aiding it’s growth. We thank you in advance for your input!