May 20, 2011

The Cure For Your Flash Problems In Kubuntu Lies In Flash-Aid

While hanging out in various IRC chat rooms on occasion (I'm ronnoc there - If you see me, say hi!), one of the most prevalent issues that comes up time and time again is that a particular person is having issues with Flash. You know Flash - that evil, but sadly necessary, plug-in that so much of the web's rich content runs on. Anyway, just about daily you can find someone on the #Kubuntu, #Ubuntu, or #KDE (and needless to say countless others as well as many many web forums, mailing lists, etc.) complaining that Flash has borked their system, doesn't work, or runs slow / unstable / choppy / insert other #*%^ here. Well, fear not, as we have the solution. It's a Firefox add-on called Flash-Aid. And, in a word, it rocks! From the projects web page:
Flash-Aid is an extension designed to remove conflicting flash plug-ins from Ubuntu Linux systems and install the appropriate version according to system architecture.
This it does, and it does with aplomb. It removes outdated and / or conflicting Flash versions prior to installing the latest version for your architecture. Yes, that means that it detects your (K)Ubuntu version and architecture and installs the right Flash version for you. Awesome, right? This might just leave you saying that it's the most useful Mozilla plug-in yet. You can get an idea of this add-on's success by reading through some of the comments from the project's page.

If you find this add-on as helpful as we have, let us know in the comments section, will you? Also consider a small donation to Flash-Aid's developer. It's $3 well spent, as you will surely be telling your friends and peers about this extremely helpful utility.