September 14, 2010

New Domain and Other Changes: We're back!

In the immortal words of Carol Ann from Poltergeist II, "they're baaaaaaaaack". Except instead of "they're baaaaaaaaack", it's "we're baaaaaaaaack"! We're back online and with a fresh domain as well. So stay tuned as we attempt to shine the Mint KDE light on the world. 

Some of the changes either implementedor on the horizon are:
  • New theme
  • New domain (a real www! Sadly, was taken - but hey, is still kinda catchy)
  • New artwork (In process)
  • New features

If you have any suggestions, ideas, rants, etc., just leave them in the comments. We'll be ramping up the number of posts over the next week or so. And lastly, and most importantly, thanks for reading! Also be sure to follow us on Twitter via

Enjoy a heaping spoonful of  Linux Mint KDE, and be sure to come back for seconds.