September 27, 2010

Google Chrome OS MS-Lookalike Fonts Leaked, Installable on Linux Mint KDE

The folks over at OMG! Ubuntu recently announced the availability of fonts to be used in the upcoming Chrome OS operating system. In a quote from the author, the goal of Google including the fonts was
Replacing the previously used ‘Liberation’ font set are ‘Tinos’ – a Serif font akin to Times new Roman; ‘Arimo’ – a sans-serif font similar to Arial and, for fixed-width usage, Chrome OS uses ‘Cousine’ in place of ‘Courier New’.
The fonts are quite beautiful in use
although so far I haven’t been able to source their origin. One would assume that, like the Droid font family in use on Android, these were custom built specifically for use with Chrome/ium OS.
I installed these fonts and was quite impressed - enough so that I changed my default system fonts to these. Hey, who am I to argue with Google? Here's a screen shot:

If you use Linux Mint, you can download the fonts from the link provided over at OMG! Ubuntu. When I installed them, double-clicking the downloaded files would not  install them (the "install" button stayed grayed out), but I found I could click "Open" through the font installer and easily browse to the folder where I downloaded the fonts to and go ahead and install them. YMMV.

If you install these fonts and try them, let us know what you think. Should Linux Mint possibly look to using these as the system defaults?