September 27, 2010

15 Cool KDE Wallpapers

We all need a bit of a change now and again, right? Especially in the desktop department, us Linux people are always changing things around. And we like to shake things up a bit. So here , for your eye candy pleasure, we have hand-selected fifteen KDE-themed wallpapers for you to check out.
Since the theme this time around was KDE, you'll see some iteration of KDE branding in each of these desktop wallpapers. So let us present them now, for you, dear reader, and your downloading pleasure.

PS - Clicking on a picture takes you to the wallpaper's web page. Enjoy.


Gears Wallpaper Pack

Gears Reloaded (Again, in blue, cause it's sweet...)


KDE NeonBars

KDE Dark & Simple

KDE Extancia


KDE NewGeneration

Kool Gears

Three Black Spheres

KDE Black Gears II


tux kde

levitation extraordinaire

And that's it! 15 wallpapers - hopefully you dug a few. It's always good to support artistic talent when you can. Have a favorite wallpaper? Share it in the comment section.