June 1, 2010

KDE SC 4.5 Activities Video and a Solid Plasma Experience

User chani has posted a video over at Blip.tv that highlights some of the features of the upcoming (and currently released beta) KDE Software Compilation 4.5. It's nice to see the Activities concept continuing to evolve within KDE into a more and more useful and stable productivity tool. Of particular benefit in my opinion is that the activities settings are much easier to set and manage than in previous releases, as you can no doubt see in the video. Chani's voice makes just makes watching it all the more fun!

One other note of relevant importance here is that, along with these new features, comes stability within Plasma itself. Plasma has been wonderful, albeit a bit buggy, in the past. Along with just about every part of KDE these days, Plasma should be stable and rock-steady for this release. I would recommend reading the article and comments from the official SC 4.5 Beta release announcement. Some of the comments detail the stability and improvements made in Plasma and Activities.

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