May 22, 2010

Video: Kubuntu with KDE 4.3 Overview. Linux Rocks!

Today whilst browsing Youtube for KDE-related videos (hey, some of us do it!) I can across this little gem of a video from self-described novice user ms55555. It highlights Kubuntu 10.04's beauty in style. Some gems to look out for:

* KGetHotNewStuff
* Dynamic wallpaper
* Plasmoids, Plasmoids, Plasmoids
* Amarok and it's associated Plasmoid
* Kickoff Menu
* Lancelot Menu (positioned centered on top)
* Widget drag-and-drop onto the Desktop
* Multiple Workspaces (via the infamous Cube, no less)
* Desktop effects, including the Snow effect

Here is the video:

I highly recommend watching in HD.

The only thing I would have liked to see added to this otherwise great video would be to show KDE's excellent window-tabbing feature. Overall a great video for those looking to see what KDE and Kubuntu have to offer those willing to step outside of the Gnome box and smell the fresh KDE air.