May 21, 2010

Friday Kool Site of the Week: Samuel Sarette's Excellent Kubuntu 10.04 Startup Guide

Happy Friday dear readers! Recently, a blog entry came across my feed reader that I thought worthy of inclusion for a long-overdue F.K.S.o.t.W article, so here it is: Samuel Sarette's Excellent Kubuntu 10.04 Startup Guide.

Samuel includes some great tips. I like the "Highly Suggested Software" section, and agree with the author's assessment that KInfoCenter is a mandatory install in either Kubuntu or the forthcoming Linux Mint 9 KDE Edition.

If you are looking to install Kubuntu or Linux Mint KDE, be sure to have a look the guide. While by no means all-inclusive, I think new users would find it most helpful.

What applications do you install on a Kubuntu/Mint install that is not included on the default CD? I have my ideas, put forth in practice in my Linux adventures, but I will save those for an upcoming article. :)