January 5, 2010

Going To Camp KDE!

Let's Go To Camp KDE!

Today I am happy to announce that this humble blog writer is going to Camp KDE! You mean you do not know about Camp KDE? Well, I hope to change that. By both telling you now, and through some updates during and after the event here on The Blue Mint, in order that you plan on going next year. From the official website:
"Featuring interactions with KDE developers and users, the UCSD student community, talks and presentations, BoF sessions, hackfests, a day trip and more, it promises to be a fun, informative and productive time for everyone"
The event is to be help in San Diego, CA from January 15th to the 22nd. It's open to the public and free to attend, so if you are in the area you really should stop in (please register first!) One thing I really like about this event is that it's not just for programmers! Thank goodness, because I'm really not one. I just want to keep learning more about this amazing community of people developing the best suite of applications and utilizing the best technology tools to help us interact with our digital lives at home, work, and on the go.

I want to continue with fostering open source ideas espoused by the KDE Community in order that, like my organization, they may also achieve the freedom and empowerment that we have reached or are currently evolving towards. I think this is especially important in America where we do not receive as much exposure to not only KDE, but to the ideals and fundamental benefits that these technologies can bring both individuals and organizations of all types and sizes. My goal is to keep learning in order to help with this important awareness mandate.

How I am going

I was the recipient of a contest that was sponsored by KDE and KDE e.V., the registered non-profit organization that represents the KDE Project in legal and financial matters. The contest was a short essay about how KDE and the great community surrounding it has helped my company be more productive and successful in achieving our goals. (Yes, I do have another job outside of The Blue Mint!) I was selected from the entrants and, as a result of the judging as well as the generous people at KDE e.V., I will be attending this event courtesy of these great people.

Call to arms

If you are able to go, please consider. There are, if any, a few seats left for this amazing conference. If you are curious as to the agenda, have a look here. As for the highlights, information on the keynote speakers was posted recently on The Dot. As you can see, it should be a great time bonding with the greater KDE Community, as well as a rewarding learning experience for anyone attending.
For those going, I will see you there.

For those readers who are not or can not attend...

If you have any questions you would like answered from anyone in attendance or questions regarding any of the topics to be discussed, or about the state of KDE in general, leave a comment and I will do my best to get them answered while in San Diego. Additionally, I will be posting a write-up on my return from the trip.
Stay tuned...

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