December 23, 2009

RevLinuxOS - Multimedia-driven KDE Distro Aims to Challenge the Big Guns

Today I found a new release to play with over Christmas - RevLinuxOS. It looks like a multimedia-friendly KDE-ized version of what Linux Mint does for Ubuntu / Gnome. Which is a very good thing. Whether it is a success or not depends on what it can bring to the table that Mint and Kubuntu can not out of the box. To compete with these guys, it will take a lot to get people to stand up and take notice.

From the website:

Finally, a Linux distro for regular users who are not geeks and nerds. Most people of the next generation just want their computer to work. They don't want to spend all of their time trying to figure things out. Who has time? Now days, we are too busy with our social networking, cell phones, and jobs (if you have one during these tough times). But tough times usually bring about innovation and change. Right now, everyone seems to be about change, and keeping up with our rapidly changing world. That's why our focus will be on making your life easier, and putting the things that matter most at your fingertips.

The new generation is globally connected via online communities such as: MySpace, Twitter, Craig's List, Chat, texting, cell phones, iPhones, etc. These days, people are always on the go, taking their Blackberry's and their laptops everywhere they go. That's why RevLinuxOS will be there with you every step of the way! Change is here, and that change is in the form of a generational revolution. So come join the Linux Revolution! The Generation of Change has arrived; RevLinuxOS is the system for the next generation!

I am downloading this interesting distro now and will follow-up with a full review here early next week. I agree that our computing experience is getting more social by the day, and our computers need to reflect that. If this OS can boost that experience, along with being new user friendly, it just might be a winner.

If you have any experience with RevLinuxOS, comment below and I'll include some of them in the review.