December 28, 2009

Podcast mintCast Needs Artwork, Offers Prizes

One of the podcasts I listen to, mintCast, needs artwork. And they are giving away some cool prizes to two lucky entrants. If you are good at making wallpapers, or ever wanted to learn, what better incentive than winning a cool prize for doing so? One of the co-hosts of mintCast, rothgar, states

"Create an original mintCast inspired wallpaper. (“original” meaning you created the whole wallpaper yourself). Please submit the wallpaper(s) in widescreen 2560x1600 or full screen 1600×1200 resolutions (widescreen preferred). File formats accepted will be bmp, jpg, png."

And of course, potential entrants need to keep it clean.

...please keep the wallpapers clean of any nudity, offensive language, violence, etc.

They are actually offering some decent prizes for first and second place. Namely, an IBM R51 notebook as well as a R40 notebook. In a nice nod to open source, they are including a Linux Mint CD. You can, however, freely install Linux Mint 8 KDE as a cool alternative. Or both! All entries will be made available on for voting. I like this approach, it always makes these types of contests more fun to follow. Submissions will be received through February 15th, 2009. While you're there, make sure to check out the podcasts as well.

The full announcement can be read on the Linux Mint Forums.