November 8, 2009

Why is Linux Better?

Some of the questions I get asked a lot, besides "What is this Linux thing anyways?" and "How do I install Linux in Windows?", are one of the following:
What makes Linux so special?

Why is Linux better than
this other operating system?

Manu Cornet has put up a website that pretty much sums it up nicely. I especially like the way the site is organized by topic, thus allowing the peruser of the page to easily pick the topic that jumps out at her first. The site also contains a few examples of who Linux may not be for (read: Hardcore Gamers). Thereby providing a relatively realistic picture of where the Linux Desktop is today. Well done

Even if you fall within the realm of one of the minority of people that Linux may not be well suited for, in this day and age of dual-boot systems and live cds there really is no good reason not to check out Linux Mint KDE today.

Why Linux is better