November 30, 2009

What's new in KDE 4.4?

Korneliusz Jarzębski from has released a summary of the forthcoming changes in the KDE Plasma Desktop that will be released early next year.

As the author states, the number of new features are not overwhelming, but the goal here was to provide stability fixes along with some really nice improvements in the functionality and aesthetics departments.

His post can be found here.

As mentioned in the article, there's also a video provided by Pinheiro (original link here), although it is recommended to download the .torrent of the .avi file to see the effects in full motion at a normal frames-per-second pace. For the impatient or lazy, here's the video. With sporty music I might add.

The KDE Plasma Desktop continues to evolve and mature at a very impressive pace. Considering how far my favorite desktop has come in under two year's time from a total re-write from the ground up is nothing short of amazing!

We at The Blue Mint eagerly look forward to this release. Well done.

What do you think?

Also - I know you are all looking at that very cool graphic in the upper-corner of this post. Stay tuned to find out what it is, and how you can use it to show your KDE love and affection.