November 17, 2009

GrabBag: Comments Now Working, KDE 4.4 Preview

Just a note to let you all know that comments are now working on the site. Apparently I had a snafu in the HTML code that prevented comments from working. They are now. Thank you for those that pointed this out!

I hope Twitter's "Fail Whale" graphic isn't copyrighted...

KDE 4.4 Prevue

Also, one of my favorite websites, Slashdot, has an article about what is coming in the much anticipated KDE4.4 release.
The project has closed about 18,000 bugs over the past six months and the pace of development is snowballing. The 'heavy-lifting' in libraries and frameworks for 4.0 is now starting to pay off. Perhaps the biggest change is in the development of a semantic desktop. According to Kugler, 'If you tag an image in your image viewer, the tag becomes visible in your desktop search. That's how it should be, right?'
18,000 bugs? Impressive stuff! And necessary for KDE4 to reclaim it's rightful home on top of the desktop environment world, if we are going to overcome the negative vibes (some admittedly deserved) from posts like this. To be fair, I read the article as more a call-to-arms than KDE-bashing. After an intense discussion, there was also a follow-up post.

One editorial note I will make is that many of the people who are the hardest on KDE4 were at some point KDE3 users. Most people are uncomfortable with hardcore change. This is understandable.

KDE has always been for power users, which is one of the reasons I used KDE 3 almost exclusively for most of 2007 and 2008.
I think many people feel alienated after 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2 came out. 4.3 for me is stable and feature-rich. 4.4 looks amazing to me. If it can be stabilized and rock-solid, there will be a massive (you read it here!) re-acquaintance with KDE4 - including in the enterprise. Looks like the KDE Enterprise site could use a little love, eh? With the delay of Gnome 3 pushed to next fall, the window of opportunity is definitely open.