November 20, 2009

Friday Kool Site of the Week: Some KDE 4 Video Love on YouTube

Happy Friday to you all in KDE'dom!

I happened across this website the other day and and I thought it would be useful to some of you who are new to KDE. KDE4 brought about some radical changes (in a good way I might add). But like any new toy, there are a few key concepts to grasp in order to make it purr the way it should. Or, should I say, to allow you to better appreciate the way it purrs?!? But the pay-off is so worth it.

In this video we can see the sexiness and sleekness that is KDE4. In addition to the visible desktop Pr0n, highlights to keep an eye on include:
  • Dolphin split view with drag-and-drop (copy/move/paste)
  • File preview view on right panel
  • Adding widgets with easy drag-and-drop
  • Dragging a folder onto the desktop in order to make a folder view (In KDE4 everything is a folder view, even the desktop. This seems to be the thing that gets people hung up on the KDE4 desktop the most. It's really easiest to jut think of everything in KDE4's "desktop" as a fully customizable view.)
  • Live previews of files and folders by simply resting the mouse on a folder in the folder view on the desktop (a very, very cool feature and indeed one of my favorites)
  • Finally, a look at "zooming out" of the desktop, to see multiple desktops - each with their own unique wallpapers, etc.

Hopefully this video will motivate you to try KDE4 and experiment around a little bit. Once you have KDE4 set up the way you want it, you'll never go back to a plain old desktop with simple shortcuts cluttering about everywhere again.

What do you like best about KDE4?
On a related note, what things would be helpful to see a video tutorial on?
And if you haven't tried it, what's stopping you from running a LiveCD and just playing around a little?

Bonus Coverage: In-depth KDE4.3 Presentation