November 16, 2009

1-click installs of KDE apps? Yes you can!

I've always been frustrated by the fact that many of the cool programs for KDE were (1) Not available in .deb packages and therefore (2) You had to either find someone's private repositories and add it and the corresponding key to your "sources.list" file, or try to compile yourself from a site like Both are doable, but not user-friendly or easy for us Minters.

And being on a scheduled release like Mint KDE and Kubuntu are, and with limited apps available in the default repositories, many of us feel left in the cold and jealous that we can't run the latest-greatest KDE apps on our Mint KDE and Kubuntu installs.

Fear not, brave Linux Mint KDE user! I have found a great resource on the interwebs to help us out: Appnr.

Appnr is a web-based package browser that currently has 776 KDE packages available for your installation pleasure.

Clicking on the install link allows you to easily download the application.

Also, clicking on the name of an application brings up a detail view, that includes among other things:
  • Screenshots
  • A "download" button (in addition to the "install" button)
  • A detailed description
  • Homepage link
  • Package name
  • Version
  • The repository the app will download from
  • Share info (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • News and related websites
Here's part of the detail page for Akregator.

The only downside to Appnr is that it does not know if you already have a version of the software application installed. There is also no automatic "uninstall" button.

Appnr is the perfect solution for those who want to find new KDE apps for their debian based KDE distros. I should point out for my Gnome friends that there are many, many Gnome (cough, cough) applications here as well if you are afflicted with Gnome tendencies.

Having so many applications at your fingertips is certainly a big help. Hopefully Appnr can help make your computing life a little easier. I know it did mine.

If you downloaded any of these apps, let me know how it went. You can even submit a review to be included in this blog.

Your thoughts on Appnr giving us Mint KDE and Kubuntu peoples some much needed love?