October 26, 2009

Intro (or, What the &#%* is this all about? )

Welcome dear internet surfer person. This blog will be part of a series on tweaking Linux Mint KDE CE to run better, act better, or look better than from the default install. The tweaks, how-to's and opinions here are my own, and not necessarily those of the Linux Mint Team and /or developers.

This blog's goal goal is to help Linux Mint KDE CE users get more satisfaction from their computing experience (and, frankly, any KDE4 user). Additionally, it is to help spread the word about our beloved operating system of choice, thereby bringing new users to both KDE as the desktop of choice and Mint KDE CE as the operating system of choice. Genius plan, eh? As of today, the current version is 7, codenamed Gloria.

I would like to thank the whole Linux Mint Team, and Jamie "Boo" Birse in particular, for creating such an outstanding distribution. You can meet "Boo" and other great Linux Minters over on the Linux Mint Forums. I would also like to thank all of the developers and volunteers from around the world that help make and evolve KDE into both what it is, as well as what it will become in the future.

Now that you're good on all that, continue reading, and enjoy the computing bliss that comes from pairing the best desktop environment (KDE) and the best flavor of Linux out there (Linux Mint).

If you're here and you have no idea what KDE is, I would suggest starting here.

For a quick background on Linux Mint, head over to Distrowatch.com.

Linux Mint KDE CE can be found here.